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Obagi Ambassador
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Becoming an Obagi Ambassador

I just wanted to share some exciting news with you: last month I was very proud to become an official Obagi Ambassador! Obagi Ambassadors are people chosen to represent the brand: people who have worked with the products and seen the way they transform skin. The Obagi range of products is […]

botox for mums
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What’s wrong with Botox for mums?

I recently wrote a piece for the rather wonderful website Mummy’s Gin Fund, a parenting network and social enterprise in London and South East England. The article, “What’s wrong with Botox for mums?”, set out to challenge the idea that mums should feel somehow guilty for having treatments like Botox or fillers. […]

Why sunscreen is important – even on a rainy day

Thank you Mothers Meeting!

The lovely people at Mothers Meeting featured me in their email yesterday! Thank you for the shout out ladies! “NUMBER 01 SHOUT OUT GOES TO THE AMAZING DR MAYONI AKA THE FACE (BOTOX) DOCTOR!!!! NOT FOR JUST BEING AMAZING AND GIVING THE BEST FACE PEELS, SHE HAS ALSO GIVEN SOOO […]