Coronavirus Testing

The coronavirus pandemic has been a shock to everyone. Like many, we wanted to know how we could help. With her background in medicine, testing has been at the forefront of Dr Mayoni’s mind. Many of us need to know if we currently have or have had Covid-19. Dr Mayoni has waited until the right test with high specificity and sensitivity was available for this to happen.

We are now able to supply a PCR Home Test Kit to help determine if you are currently infected by Covid-19.

The kit works like this: you will be sent a home testing kit in the post, which you complete and return to a private laboratory.

The PCR test involves a nose and throat swab. The results will be available two to three days after the laboratory receives the swab. Please watch the video below to see Dr Mayoni demonstrating how to use the swab:

Dr Mayoni will communicate the results to you.

The PCR test reports a high sensitivity and high specificity.
Sensitivity tells you how often a test correctly gives a positive result for people who have the condition being tested for. This is also known as the “true positive” rate.
Specificity tells you how often test correctly generates a negative result for people who do not have the condition being tested for. This is also known as the “true negative” rate.
The PCR test has a specificity of 100% and a sensitivity of 100%.

Sorry that this testing comes at a cost, we wish this was not the case. Unfortunately, the costs of running the tests are high. We are offering a discount to any NHS staff – please email for more details.

Please rest assured that the supply of these tests does not impact on their availability to the NHS. We are providing this as an extra service until there is no need for it and capacity exists within the NHS. They are working hard to make this happen and we will support them in this.

Please note: Delivery to addresses outside the UK will incur additional costs. Please contact us to discuss in more detail. If you wish to cancel your order, please contact us within two hours of placing your order. These medical devices cannot be returned to us once dispatched.

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PCR COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) Coronavirus Home Test Kit

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