Coronavirus: beginning to reopen The Clinic

Our Crystal Palace clinic is open from Monday 1st June for limited aesthetics treatments. Please visit our Online Booking Portal to view available appointments. To see the protocols we have in place to be Covid-19 secure, and what you can expect on your visit, click here: Coronavirus: Next Steps

Virtual consultations are also available to book on our online portal. Please note that we will not be offering beauty treatments at this stage, as per government guidelines.

Latest Government advice on how to prevent the spread of Coronavirus can be found on the NHS website here: Coronavirus Information.

What We Do

What Next ?

If you have any queries, please call us on 020 8699 9496, or email Customer Services.

Check out Dr Mayoni’s biography to find out more about her skills and experience.

Contact us to book in for a full consultation with Dr Mayoni where we can talk about further tailored treatment.

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